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John Lumpkin and the jazz tradition

We are historians, truth seekers and advocates for excellence. The John Lumpkin Institute is the perfect place to build your foundation in Jazz because we’re not only dedicated to the teaching of skills but also to the development of community. We provide opportunities to perform locally (in the city of Jacksonville, FL) and all over the country.

John Lumpkin II is one of the nation's most prolific musicians and is a mediator for much of the music that enters and exits the city of Jacksonville, FL. John Lumpkin is endorsed and sponsored by the likes of Sabian, Remo and Vic Firth as well as being a Recording Academy Musician. He has collaborated with world class producers such as Larry Klein and played with artists such as Marcus Roberts, Patrick Bartley and Jazzmeia Horn.  His love for music shortly precedes his passion for teaching and mentorship as he's made a tremendous mark on youth of every kind in Jacksonville.  After achieving degrees, awards, and private program recognition, John continues to use his experiences in his hometown to pass on his wealth of music and carry on the jazz tradition.

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